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*** = very beautiful

**** = exceptional

+ Gpx = with Gpx-file

1. Aetofoliá - Kalloní - Karkádos - Aetofoliá

2. Aetofoliá - Plomári - Kolymbíthra *** 

3. Agápi - Sklavochorió - Agápi

4. Agios Ioánnis Pórto - Agios Sóstis - Agios Fokás - Chóra

5. Agios Ioánnis Pórto - Dyó Choriá ***  + Gpx

6. Agios Ioánnis Pórto - Dyó Chória - Stení - Falatádos ***

7. Chóra - Agia Triáda - Triandáros - Dyó Choriá -
 Arnádos - Kechrovoúni ***

8. Chóra - Vaketa dam - Mountádos- Kechrovoúni - Arnádos  + Gpx

9. Chóra - Kechrovoúni - Arnádos and back ****  + Gpx

10 Chóra - Kechrovoúni - Mountádos - Sberádos - Chóra ***

11. Chóra - Ktikádos - Kámbos - Tarampádos and back ***  + Gpx

12. Chóra - Ktikádos - Kiónia - Chóra ***  + Gpx 

13. Chóra - Tripótamos - Xóbourgo - Falatádos - Voláx - Agápi ***

14. Chóra - Tripótamos - Xóbourgo - Koumáros - Loutrá - Kámbos - Chatzirádos - Ktikádos - Chóra ***

15. Chóra - Tripótamos - Xóbourgo - Koumáros - Voláx ***  + Gpx

16. Dyó Choriá - Arnádos - Triandáros - Dyó Choriá ***  + Gpx

17. Falatádos and surroundings ***

18. Falatádos - Koumáros - Skaládos - Voláx - Falatádos ***

19. Falatádos - Manganári and back ****  + Gpx

20. Falatádos - Manganári -  Myrsíni - Falatádos ****  + Gpx

21. Falatádos - Manganári - beach of Liváda and back **** + Gpx

22. Falatádos - Myrsíni - Stení and back

23. Falatádos - Theosképasti - Voláx - Falatádos ****  + Gpx

24. Falatádos - Xóbourgo - Koumáros - Loutrá - Krókos - Skaládos - Voláx - Falatádos ***

25. Falatádos - Xóbourgo - Tripótamos - Chóra

26. Kámbos - Agia Marína - Kardianí - Ystérnia - Pýrgos ***

27. Kámbos - Tarampádos and back

28. Kardianí - bay of Giannáki and back ***

29. Kardianí - Panagía Lakkotianí - Ystérnia

30. Kechrovoúni - Agia Marína - Agios Antónios - Arnádos - Kechrovoúni ***

31. Kechrovoúni - Mountádos - Sberádos - Tripótamos - Xóbourgo - Karyá - Tzádos - Kechrovoúni ***

32. Kechrovoúni - Tzádos - Kéchros - Stení - Dyó Choriá - Arnádos - Kechrovoúni ***

33. Liváda - Fáros and back ***

34. Loutrá - Xinára - Xóbourgo - Koumáros - Skaládos - Krókos - Loutrá ****  + Gpx

35. Manganári - beach of Liváda and back ***  + Gpx

36. Platiá - Karaboúsa - Agia Paraskeví - Róchari - Platiá ****

37. Pýrgos - Marlás - Mamádos and back *** 

38. Pýrgos - Pánormos and back ***  + Gpx

39. Pýrgos - Pánormos - Kyrá Xéni - Pýrgos ***

40. Stení - Dyó Choriá - Triandáros - Arnádos - Tzádos - Kéchros - Stení ****

41. Stení - Potamiá - Maroúli - Lychnaftiá and back ***

42. Stení - Profítis Ilías - Tsikniás and back

43. Tarampádos - Smardátiko - Kómi - Plagiá - Agápi - Voláx ***

44. Tarampádos - Smardákito - Perástra - Krókos - Skaládos - Agápi - Voláx ***

45. Tarampádos - Smardákitos - Perástra - Loutrá - Kámbos - Chatzirádos - Ktikádos - Chóra ***

46. Tripótamos - Ktikádos - Chatzirádos - Kámbos - Loutrá - Xinára - Tripótamos ***

47 Voláx - Agápi - Kolymbíthra and back ***  + Gpx

48. Ystérnia - bay of Ystérnia by the marble path and back ****  + Gpx

49. Ystérnia - bay of Ystérnia by the stairs - Ystérnia by the marble path ****  + Gpx

With its 195 km˛, Tínos is one of the medium-sized Cycladic islands, after the two biggest ones: Náxos (448 km˛) and Andros (385 km˛); the island of Páros (195 km˛) has exactly the same size. Tínos is situated between the isles of Andros and Mýkonos – together, these three islands form the embranchment of the mountain ridge of the island of Evia (Euboia).

Just like its beautiful neighbour Andros, also the island of Tínos is predominantly frequented by the Greeks themselves; it is not really a busy tourist destination. Since the discovery of the miraculous statue of Our Blessed Lady in 1823, Tínos has grown into one of the most important religious places of pilgrimage of the Orthodox Greeks – especially on the festival of Our Blessed Lady on the 15th of August, the island and the area around the Panagía Evangelístria are flooded with thousands of believers.

Nevertheless, Tínos has to offer quite a lot, also to regular tourists: the interior of the island is absolutely wonderful, it is fairly green and there are a lot of small villages; there are many chapels, skilfully decorated pigeon towers, beautiful beaches and also the marvellous hiking trails.

Tínos is situated on the busy shipping route to Mýkonos: it is to be reached easily from the harbour of Rafína (there is a special bus to Rafína from the airport!). After about 2 hours of sailing the boat stops in Gávrio on the island of Andros, and after 4 hours you arrive at Tínos. But also from the Piraeus, the main port of Athens, there are a number of connections every day: the Highspeed-boats and also modern ships such as the Blue Star Ithaki take care of some fast connections via Sýros and Tínos to Mýkonos – in this case the crossing to Tínos takes about three hours and a half. In summer, there is also a direct connection with the island of Páros, the central island of the Cyclades (by the Seajet 2). 
You often have to pass the isle of Páros or Sýros, in order to continue to the other Cyclades: the Aqua Jewel, Aqua Spirit and Artemis (successors of the small Panagía Chozoviótissa and the Panagía Tínou) take care of connections with Sérifos, Sífnos, Mílos and Kímolos or with Kýthnos, Kéa and Laúvrio; they even bring you to the islands of Síkinos, Folégandros, Santoríni and Anáfi and this throughout the year.

The capital of Tínos, called Tínos or Chóra,  is pleasant little town. It is dominated by the large building of the Panagía Evangelístria; the one-kilometre-long boulevard of Megalocharis leads to this church. On the side of this road there is a strip of carpet for pilgrims who want to undertake the trip to the church on their knees. The interior of the church is remarkable because of the large number of ex votoes, often also small silver ships. The new harbour is located a little on the side of the centre and it does not offer you anything in particular; the old harbour promenade is quite nice and, as often, it is flanked by restaurants, shops and bars.

In the interior there are the villages such as Voláx, Koumáros, Krókos, Kómi, Ktikádos, Agápi, Tarampádos, Falatádos,Triantáros, etc (in the centre of the island), Kardianí, Istérnia or Pýrgos (towards the north) and many more, which are very picturesque and attractive to stroll around. It is almost unbelievable, but there are 60 villages dispersed all over the interior of the island!

Some of them, like Koumáros and Agápi, are quite striking because of the arched passages (kamáres), others, such as Tarampádos, are remarkable because of the large number of very skilfully decorated pigeon houses. In the neighbourhood of Falatádos and Myrsíni you will be struck by the very special landscape with a lot of large boulders.

The plateau of Xóbourgo (with the old fortress, at an altitude of 559 metres) and the highly situated monastery of Kechrovoúni (near the village of Stení) give you some exceptional panoramic views over the island. Between Chóra and the bay of Kiónia you can find the remnants of the temple of Poseídoon and Amfitríte.

Besides the beach of Kiónia and the one of Kolimbýthra (on the north coast), it is mainly the beaches situated on the wind protected south-east coast, around Pórto, that are very pleasant, such as the beaches of Agios Fokás, Agios Ioánnis or Agios Sóstis.

Just like many other Cycladic isles, also Tínos is best to be explored on foot. Tínos contains a wealth of marvellous hiking trails, especially in the centre of the island and in the southeast, but also around Kardianí and Pýrgos. Some parts of the ancient kalderímia are remarkably well preserved – for instance the stretch between Chóra and Ktikádos is incredibly intact.

In spring 2008 a nice map of Tínos was published in the Anávasi-series. The actual map (scale: 1/25 000) presents a whole lot of hiking trails, while at the backside an entire network of trails is explained – with no less than 25 hiking trajectories. The combinations of trails are almost as numerous as on the island of Sífnos. Because Tínos is a fairly large island, the total length of the trails is probably more than 200 km! An updates edition was published in 2013 and in  2020.

In the course of spring 2009 another map of Tinos appeared, now in the series of Terrain Maps: this map is also very detailed but a little less clear than the Anávasi-map.

In addition, on the island of Tínos, just like on Amorgós and especially on Andros, on Sífnos and on Kéa, a great effort is put in the signposting of the hikes nowadays.

On the initiative of the municipality of Tínos (Dimos Tinou), a network of 150 km of trails has been created and marked, see the very interesting site

We want to mention hree other very interesting websites:
- the website with walks by Karolos Merlin
- interesting site (in French) by Christian FETIS, who lives on Tínos since 1987
- the blogspot with marvelous photos of Tínos.

Just like on Amorgós and Andros, there also exists a little, but beautiful book, published by the cultural organisation Archipélagos, with a brief description of 10 hikes - in Greek, English and French – to be found in the shops in Chóra. The descriptions of the hikes are not really route descriptions, but they can give you an impression of some of the hiking possibilities.

Finally, also the Greek guide "Kykládes", published by Explorer, pays quite a bit of attention to the hikes when discussing the island of Tínos. Also here the information is too limited, and in the English translation of this guide this section was even left out. 

If you want to appreciate the isle of Tínos, you can watch the short films of the young Amélien, who lives near Lausanne - see


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Panoramic view on Chóra

The Panagía Evangelístria

 The rich interior of the Panagía Evangelístria

The decorated pigeons of Tarampádos

The splendid old monopáti that leads from Chóra to Kámbos

The hill top of Xóbourgo

The Venetian bridge near Ktikádos

The picturesque village of Voláx

The arched passages in Koumáros