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Walking, hiking and trekking on SIFNOS





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(last update on the 4th of March 2022)

*** = very beautiful

**** = exceptional

+ Gpx = with Gpx-file

1. Apollonia - Agia Marína - Panagía Tóso Neró - Agios Eleftherios - Apollonia ****  + Gpx

2. Apollonía - Agia Marína - Agios Konstantínos - Panagía Tóso Neró and back ****  + Gpx

3. Apollonía - Agii Anárgyri - Agios Andréas - Symbópoula - Apollonía ***  + Gpx

4. Apollonia - Agios Andreas - Chryssopigí - Fáros

5. Apollonía - Agios Andréas - Moní Vrýsis - Apollonía

6. Apollonía - Agios Elefthérios -  Panagía Tóso Neró - Vlási and back ****  + Gpx

7. Apollonía - Agios Lázaros - Artemónas

8. Apollonía - Agios Simeoón - Artemónas ***

9. Apollonía - Apokoftó - Chryssopigí - Fáros ***  + Gpx

10. Apollonía  - Artemónas - Agios Simeoón - Kamáres ***

11. Apollonía - Artemónas - Agios Simeoón and back **

12. Apollonia - Artemónas - Kástro - Fáros - Chryssopigí - (Platýs Gialós) ****  + Gpx

13. Apollonia - Artemónas - Kástro - valley of Erkíes - Káto Petáli - Apollonía ****  + Gpx

14. Apollonia - Artemónas - Panagía ta Mángana - Agia Anna - Panagía Pouláti - Kástro - Káto Petáli - Apollonía ***  + Gpx

15. Apollonía - Káto Petáli - Agios Panteleímonas - Kástro and back ***  + Gpx

16. Apollonía - Káto Petáli - Kástro - Artemónas

17. Apollonía - Kato Petali - valley of Erkíes - Kástro - Panagía Pouláti - Artemónas ****  + Gpx

18. Apollonía - Káto Petáli - valley of Erkíes - Moní Vrýsis - Platýs Gialós ****  + Gpx

19. Apollonía - Panagía Platánou - Artemónas - Apollonía ***  + Gpx

20. Apollonía - Profítis Ilías and back ***  + Gpx

21. Apollonía - Tris Pigés - Agios Simeoón - Tris Pigés - Artemónas ***  + Gpx

22. Apollonía - Vathý via Agios Nikólaos T' Aeriná ****  + Gpx

23. Apollonia - Vathý via the Kalamítsi-well ****  + Gpx

24. Artemónas - Agia Anna - Panagía ta Mángana - Agios Sóstis and back ****  + Gpx

25. Artemónas - Tris Pigés - Agios Silvéstros - Agios Nikitás - Trouláki - Diavroúcha - Cherrónisos ***

26. Artemónas - Tris Pigés - Agios Silvéstros - Stavrós Trouláki - Agios Simeoón - Agios Lázaros - Kamáres ***

27. Artemónas - Tris Pigés - Agios Sóstis - Panagía ta Mángana - Artemónas ***

28. Cherrónissos - Ambourdéktis - Kambanário  + Gpx

29. Fáros - Chryssopigí - Panagía tou Vounoú - Platýs Gialós

30. Fáros - Kástro and back ***  + Gpx

31. Fáros - Plakotó - Agios Charálambos - Apokoftó - Chryssopigí - Fáros ***  + Gpx

32. Kamáres - Agios Elefthérios - Apollonía ****  + Gpx

33. Kamáres - Agios Lázaros - Agios Simeoón and back

34. Kamáres - Agios Lázaros - Artemónas

35. Kamáres - cape Kokkálas and back

36. Kamáres - Panagía Platánou - Apollonía  + Gpx

37. Kamáres - Panagia Tóso Neró - Vlási and back ***  + Gpx

38. Kamáres - Panagía Tóso Neró - Agios Konstantínos - Agia Marína - Agios Nikólaos T' Aëriná - Vathy ****  + Gpx

39. Kamáres - Panagía Tóso Neró - Agios Konstantínos - Agia Marína - Taxiárchis tis Skáfis - Apollonía ****  + Gpx 

40. Kástro - Apollonía

41. Kástro - valley of Erkíes - Plakotó - Agios Charalámbos - Apokoftó - Chryssopigí ***

42. Platýs Gialós - Fykiáda and back ****  + Gpx

43. Platýs Gialós - Fykiáda - Profítis Ilías Kontoú - Platýs Gialós ***

44. Platýs Gialós - Moní Vrýsis - Kástro

45. Platýs Gialós - Profítis Ilias Kontoú - Fykiáda - Platýs Gialós ***

46. Vathý - Agia Anna - Agios Nikólaos T' Aëriná - Vathý ***

47. Vathý - Agios Nikólaos T' Aërina - Panagía tou Kargiávli - Agia Anna - Vathý *** 

48. Vathý - Agia Anna - Panagía tou Kargiávli - Agios Nikólaos T' Aëriná - Agios Andréas - Apollonía ****  + Gpx

49. Vathý - Fykiáda - Platýs Gialós

Sífnos is the third island on the boat line from the Piraeus, via Kýthnos and Milos, to Santoríni. The boat stops in the harbour of Kamáres, about five hours after the departure from Athens. It is the Adamántios Koraïs which takes care for this line, three times a week.
In Summer there are also rapid connections with the Piraeus, Sérifos of Mílos by High Speed.
Three times a week, the A
rtemis takes care of an interesting connection with Mílos, Sérifos, Páros and Sýros

The surface area of Sífnos is 73 km2 and there are some 2000 inhabitants. 

Sífnos is almost the ideal island: the harbour of Kamáres is very attractive and there is a really nice beach. The villages throughout the island are very idyllic and built in a typical Cycladic style, and there are quite a few very pleasant beaches. Most importantly, though, the island offers an inexhaustible variety of beautiful hiking trails.

Kamáres is a great spot to stay: there are a couple of nice hotels and a lot of rooms to let with the inhabitants. You can find many decent restaurants in Kamáres and the beach and the shallow sea are ideal for children. There are bus lines from Kamáres to Apollonía, the capital of the island, and from there you can continue by bus to other villages: Kástro, Fáros, Platýs Gialós and Vathý. Apollonía is a very picturesque Cycladic town, and in the neighbouring village of Artemónas there are many beautiful, majestic houses. The main street that runs from Artemónas to Apollonía and further on to Katavatí makes for an ideal walk, with a couple of beautiful little churches.

Kástro, the old capital, is located at three km from Apollonia. It is an impressive fortified town, which is beautifully situated and which contains many picturesque and peaceful streets. It is also a good idea to visit the harbour of Fáros and the magnificent monastery of Chryssopigí, in between Fáros and Platýs Gialós.

The most beautiful beaches are to be found on Platýs Gialós (unfortunately there is no much shade, though) and on Vathý. However, you can also have a nice swim on the beaches of Kamáres, at the bottom of the monastery of Panagía Pouláti and in the picturesque little harbour of Serália, underneath Kástro.

Sífnos is the ideal hiking island - there are actually so many hiking trails on Sifnos that you will always find another interesting path once you get lost. The most beautiful hikes go from Apollonía across the island to Vathý or Agios Andréas, but there are also plenty of shorter hikes to Kastro, to Chryssopigí or to the monastery of Agios Simeoón – you can then combine these trails with other connections between Kástro and Artemónas, or from Fáros to Kástro...too much to sum up!  

There are a number of nice hiking maps that are indispensable to complete the descriptions on this site. In the series of Topo 25, published by Anávasi, a beautiful map has appeared: all the good hiking trails are indicated on this map. In 2016 there was a new edition indicating the 10 most important way-marked walks + 9 variants or side branches.

In spring 2009 a very good and very clear map came out in the series of Terrain Maps.

In 2015, the municipality of Sífnos started a brand new project for the way-marking of the most important trails: Sifnos now has more than 100km of professionally designed and way-marked trails, one of the largest trail networks of the Aegean.
The way-marking itself was done by the company "Paths of Greece": on the most important spots (trailhead and some bifurcations), you will see hiking poles and the whole itinerary is marked with red and white stripes (=).
See the very interesting site
The walks are:

[1] Agios Loukás (Artemónas) - Pouláti - Kástro - Moní tis Vrýsis - Agios Andréas

[2] Kástro - Fáros - Chryssopigí

[3] Apollonía - Káto Petáli - Moní tis Vrýsis - Platýs Gialós

[4] Platýs Gialós - Fykiáda - Profítis Ilías Kondoú - Platýs Gialós

[5] Katavatí (Apollonía) - Vathý

[6] Apollonía - Agios Elefthérios - (Kamáres ) - Panagía Tóso Neró - Katavatí

[7] Artemónas (Apollonía) - Agios Simeoón

[8] Agia Anna (Artemónas) - Agios Sóstis

[9] Kambanário - Cherrónissos

[10] Apollonía - Kamáres

Interesting hiking books are "Walking in the Aegean" by Dieter Graf and "Santorini, Sifnos and western and southern Cyclades", published in 2006, in which 12 hikes are devoted to Sífnos.

New is also the small and handy book "Sifnos. Promenades dans l' île - Walking in the island", by Martine and Christian Lot. The 30 hikes are very brief, but also very accurate and they are written with a lot of devotion and enthusiasm - see

You can discover some of the beauties of Sífnos by watching the short film of the young Amélien (only 14 years old), who lives near Lausanne - see 

In order to help you a little when choosing from the 49 hikes, this is my personal top seven:

1. Apollonia - Vathý via Agios Nikólaos T' Aeriná: the marvellous interior of Sífnos, climbing up the Profítis Ilías, the monastery of Agios Nikólaos T' Aeriná and the beach of Vathý! (****)

2. Vathý - Apollonía: great beaches and the wonderful “fortress” of Agios Andréas. (****)

3. Apollonía - Kástro via Kato Petáli and the valley of Erkíes - Artemónas: very nice trails, the marvellous valley of Erkíes and of course the ancient town of Kástro; having a swim in the sea at Panagía Pouláti is also very pleasant. (****)

4. Platýs Gialós - Profítis Ilías - Fykiáda - Platýs Gialós: an entirely different part of Sífnos, very lonely, once more, and the idyllic little bay of Fykiáda. (****)  

5. Apollonía - Artemónas - Kástro - Fáros - Chryssopigí - Platýs Gialós: a hike that combines a couple of highlights, running along exceptional trails. (****)

6. Apollonía - Agios Elefthérios - Panagía Tóso Neró: the hike on top of the hill crest along Agios Elefthérios is wonderful, just like the view on Kamáres. The monastery of Tóso Neró and the small beach of Vlási are lonely and unforgettable places once more. (****)  

7. Apollonía  - Artemónas - Agios Simeoón: beautiful trails and the incredible panoramic view from Agios Símeoón. (***)

On this island, it is also very easy to make shorter hikes, since there are really a lot of possibilities: because of the good bus connections you can begin or conclude hikes in many different places - in Kamáres or Apollonía or Artemónas, obviously, but also in Kástro or Fáros (although there are only a few busses per day!) and definitely in Platýs Gialós or Vathý as well.

A couple of shorter trajectories are, amongst others:
- Apollonía or Artemónas to Kástro via Panagía Pouláti (the beginning of hike no.
12  Apollonía - Platýs Gialós)
- Kástro - Fáros (the continuation of this hike no.
- Fáros - Chryssopigí - Platýs Gialós (the end of this hike no.
- the shortest way to visit Agios Nikólaos T' Aeriná is hike no.
47 Vathý - Agios Nikólaos T' Aëriná - Vathý
- there is only one way to visit the Panagía Tóso Neró – although a magnificent spot! – via a shorter hike: in Kamáres you could try to rent a small boat to go to the small beach of Vlási and from there you can walk to and fro the monastery.

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The monastery of Chrysopigí


 The monastery of Panagía Pouláti


The monastery of Agios Simeoón


The bay of Kamáres from the Agios Simeoón


The fortified monastery of the Profítis Ilías


The nice terraces of Sífnos

The beautiful path to Agios Sóstis

The nice church of Panagía ta Mángana


A street in Kástro

The beautiful situation of the Panagía Tóso Neró

The bay of Vathý


The bay of Cherrónisos