Chóra - Psáthi - Stavrós - Panagía Vouvoón and back

Evaluation: This pleasant walk follows paths that enter the almost uninhabited interior of Anáfi, until it arrives between the high hills of the Vígla and the Drápanos.
The first part, up to the chapel of Stavrós, is not (yet) marked on the map of Terrain Maps. This walk gets **.
[Update by Raymond on the 2nd of May 2017.]
The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, please, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time
: It takes approximately 45 minutes (actual walking time) to follow two trails leading to the chapel of Stavrós – the first one is rather overgrown; another beautiful trail and a few minutes of a gravel road lead you in about 40 minutes until the solitary chapel of the Panagía Vouvoón. The way back also lasts for about 1h20, so that the total effective walking time amounts to 2h45. We walked (in total walking time) from noon to 4.50pm - the total distance is 9,32 km.

Route description: (0h00) As always, you can depart from the central street of Chóra, the Plágia, next to the restaurant Liotrívi (there is a sign “Plágia”); you go down on the paved street and while keeping to the right, you arrive at the parking lot and the bus stop. You then follow the asphalt road to the right, in the direction of the harbor,
but already after 2 minutes, just before reaching a small strange church and just past the concrete road to the left that leads to the cemetery and the school, you should take the little gravel road on the left, which leads up to beside the antenna (sign [4] and [5] Psáthi 20’ / Stavrós 50’ / Drápanos 2 hours). It becomes straight ahead a path, with on your right side the remains of two windmills.
You continue on this pleasant and almost flat path; after a few minutes, you arrive on the right side of a deep valley, with brownish boulders, and further on, in spring, with terraces covered with flowers.

(0h17) After 7 minutes, you veer to the left and the monopáti arrives on the right side of a wall - it is overgrown now, it thus becomes more vague and rises faster on eroded rocks. It never moves too far away from the wall and passes a chapel, but then it disappears again under a layer of flowers. 

The trail disappears under the flowers...

(0h25) After about 19 minutes, the beautiful trail ends and you get with a bit of clambering to a gravel road, where you go up to the right; further on, you take a left on a cross-road. You pass the sigh Psáthi, the road becomes concrete for a while and you pass underneath a small chapel, which is open (Agios Andreas) and beside a rather big house. Just after passing a round brand new house, built in the style of a mill, there is a gravel road that starts to the right (sign + [4]);  a little further, you keep somewhat to the left and you get to a nice narrow path. It continues next to a metal fence on a slope covered with flowers. On your right you enjoy a magnificent view over the valley, on the sea and the rock of Kálamos. Further, you come next to strange brownish rocks and in a narrow valley, where you see to the left some gardens and a lot of cacti.

The narrow path, just before Stavros.

(0h42) After 12 nice minutes, you get to dirt road, which you follow straight ahead - this road is bordered by a multitude of flowers (20 April 2011 and 2 May 2017). You pass above some buildings and chapels and you arrive without problems near the chapel of Stavrós. It dates from the 15th century, but was restored too much - it is open and you can use some chairs to picnic outside ...

(0h48) You find yourselves here on a crossroad: the road that continues straight leads to Lákkous (walk [4]), the road on the right leads to Christós and Vígla (sign), but you should look for a path just to the left and behind the chapel, where your walk [5] continues (cairn).
You are now heading straight to the summit of the Vígla (581 m).
You soon get to a beautiful trail, but often it is eroded and continues between the rocks. After a few minutes, you veer left and you continue below the impressive summit.
The trail climbs gradually and you thus get a beautiful view over the western half of the island, the sea and Santoríni.

(1h04) You veer more to the right and you thus arrive on a protruding height with a tiny chapel – for a few moments, the trail is paved with uneven stones. The Drápanos appears in front of you and you arrive in the middle of strange brownish rocks which have been eroded by the wind. You continue easily, amidst a lot of flowers and with a magnificent view to the left.

The trail is very obvious now...

(1h15) After another 10 minutes, you arrive again on a nice promontory: you veer to the right and you continue to a pass, with terraces to the left of it - shortly after you reach the pass, which lies between the Drápanos (493 m) on the left, and the Vígla.
You continue until you reach the end of the path, then you go left between walls and you get in this way to a dirt road.
You can follow this road for a few minutes, until the chapel of the Panagía Vouvoón. This chapel has nothing special, but you enjoy a beautiful view of the other half of the island, until the rock of Kálamos. (1h26)

The Panagía Vouvoón.

(1h26) The way back is rather obvious:

- you follow the dirt road for 5 minutes and then you seek the path that lies a little to the left, between little walls; it continues to the right along a wall
- the beautiful trail continues for 32 minutes on the slope of the Vígla
- (2h00) near the chapel of Stavrós, you take of course the small dirt road that goes straight ahead,  to the right of a few white buildings and another chapel

The dirt road is bordered by flowers.

- after 6 minutes, you keep to the right on a road that comes here to a dead end and you will arrive automatically on the beautiful path that you follow for 12 minutes
- (2h19) you get to the gravel road near the round house with the conical roof, you follow the road to the left and you pass the other house and the chapel (sign and [4]) – you can enjoy a beautiful view of Chóra!
- you follow the concrete or gravel road for 5 minutes, but a bit past the sign Psáthi, you take the descending gravel road to the right, towards the chapel. Some 5 meters BEFORE the chapel, you should look for a nearly invisible and overgrown path to the left. After a few minutes, you arrive next to a wall, which you try to follow more or less. You get a beautiful view over Chóra and you see how the monopáti continues in a long bend around the bowl-shaped valley. You pass above a chapel on very uneven rocks and you try again to follow the wall. You arrive between walls, where the path becomes easier to follow, but it remains overgrown
- the last stretch is much clearer and you arrive in this way without any problems beside the mills and the antenna – and then you get to the asphalt road. You go right up to the parking lot, and then you go up to the Plágia, the main street - and so you reach while keeping to the left your starting point near the restaurant Liotrívi. (2h47)


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